Hardcore 3D space scroll-shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities.

Already I am addicted, cannot wait to complete all the levels

Comment by anonymous | Nov 7, at 07:14 pm

The most addictive game i have ever played!!!

Comment by Fotis | Nov 18, at 11:25 am

it is so cool

Comment by zachary saliba | Feb 11, at 9:58 am

Beautiful looking game! :) Very impressive. It looks like it plays really smooth.

Comment by RainMan34 | June 6, at 1:27 am

good work ;)

Comment by ramdy1978 | May 31, at 2:47 pm

nice man, even got good graphics for a game of that type, keep it up

Comment by Erlkoenigg | May 24, at 14:20 pm

love the game. looks so cool

Comment by zeldachick | May 23, at 9:45 am

Nothing to say, go to play :)

Comment by mayon | March 13, at 9:57 am

My beta machine is a pentium 4 1.5ghz with 256meg of ram on an asus p4b mother board, I have a 64 meg agp video card, running windows me, I know what am I thinking.
I installed memory manager a few days ago, the game chops for about 30 seconds after getting to the main menu screen, once the game starts it chopped for about 30 seconds, then ran fine.
Awesome game, great graphics, great sound, I have a pentuim d daul core 3.6 ghz with 4 gigs of ram, and windows xp pro, I find with some aplications because of xp and it being a memory hog and being crappy with memory managment, does slow down the performance of the machine. I would really suggest if your having problems to use a memory manager, a good one will speed up the computer and then some.
Thanks Viewizard Team for such an awesome game and the hard work.

Comment by Shinerunner | March 2, at 2:16 am

I LOVED this game! I like the ability to customize that this game affords. Space shooters are a lot of fun, and I like the playability of this version. I will say I was a little confused at first on what some of the options did, but I enjoyed it once I figured them out. Thanks a lot!

Comment by Jim | March 2, at 1:10 am

NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!!!! THANK YOU!!! yes I’m screaming... LOL I’m happy...

Comment by Stacie | March 1, at 10:41 pm

Pretty cool.

Comment by unhuman | March 1, at 10:37 pm

This game is really nice !!!

Comment by Nad | March 1, at 9:54 pm

A real fun game. Quite stable in my compaq nc6220 and no complaints at all with graphics speed.
A good game, highly recommended.

Comment by Sudheer | March 1, at 2:30 pm

Great game great graphics.

Comment by 16777216 | March 1, at 2:08 pm

This is a fun game! It also supports resolutions higher than 1024X768. Thank you Viewizard!

Comment by Christopher | March 1, at 12:02 pm

Definitely worth the download. The ship buying/weapon upgrading was a little confusing at first, but I get it now. Great replay value!

Comment by Jorge | March 1, at 11:08 am

Oh yes, a 3D perspective space shooter. Installed easily. Works well and is a pleasure to play. This has much more playability than the 2D perspective space shooters such as astro fury and the COS games, (all od which i think are great too), there’s a lot of playability in this game, with all the parameters that can be adjusted. Thank you Viewizard for giving this game away. As gameseeker says you will need a reasonable graphics card to run this. Thanks for your review and info game seeker. :)

Comment by WhiteRabbit aka Stephen | March 1, at 9:33 am

Pretty fun, but the angle makes it hard to shoot at an enemy and hit it. I have no graphics problems and I am not using a very good video card.
Overall, great game!

Comment by Dude | March 1, at 8:37 am

Thanks for a VERY Cool Game !!!!!!!!
Keep them Coming !!!!!

Comment by movieman007 | March 1, at 5:32 am

Don’t miss this one, really! Excellent space shooter, very detailed with more configurable options than any game offered here thus far. Fabulous graphics and great game play. Two different control styles, either simulator or arcade, and very flexible difficulty levels that can be set by percentage instead of just “Easy”, “Normal” and “Difficult”. You can configure up to 5 pilot profiles that are saved and save games to reload later. Money collected during play can be used to upgrade your ship or buy upgraded weapons.
I actually like this one because although this one is also a scroller the orientation is vertical instead of horizontal. In other words, your ship is on the bottom and enemies scroll toward you instead of the ship being on one side of the screen with a sideways scroll. But it’s not like a traditional 2D vertical shooter in that your ship is never glued to the bottom of the screen, in this one you can move forward and back as well as side to side. I find playing from a vertical orientation much more pleasant than playing from the side. All in all an excellent game, I believe it’s by far the best shooter. Get it!
Skip the rest of the post unless the game doesn’t run right on your computer and you don’t know why.
Please note the system requirements! This game requires a 3D video accelerator with 32+ MB on board, “+” means at least 32 MB but preferably more. Make sure you know what you’ve got before installing. If you don’t have 3D capability and an accelerator and install anyway it won’t hurt anything on your computer but the game won’t run. If you try and only get a black screen with music playing, it means you don’t have the 3D capability to run it. If you see graphics but it runs very slow that means you have 3D capability but don’t have an accelerator, this game needs both. In either case there’s nothing wrong with the game, it runs great on systems that meet or exceed the requirements.

Comment by Game Seeker | March 1, at 4:37 am

Wow, amazing games on screenshots and video, will try to download it.

Comment by dpoint | March 1, at 4:08 am

Excellent!!! GREAT WORK!

Comment by Coolio | March 1, at 3:10 am

Great game! I would like to see more missions though and more weapons :))

Comment by zibalas | January 17, at 10:44 pm

Excelente shooter with two modes of play arcade and sim...a lot of enemy , ships and ....

Comment by Anonymous | January 13, at 3:19 pm

Really a nice game!

Comment by Anonymous | January 7, at 9:06 am

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