About Company

Viewizard is a privately-held interactive entertainment company. The company was founded in 2000 by software engineer Mikhail Kurinnoi. We specialize in developing non-violent logic, action and arcade games for the whole family, using cutting edge programming technologies. Today, the company successfully develops software, creating quality games that have received numerous awards from various file archives and Internet sites.

Our Mission

The primary goal of the company is the development of original and interesting games. While developing games, we pay attention to the quality of all components of the game, including schedule, music, sound effects, game play, and program realization. We try to create useful games, paying special attention to the logic and training aspects of games. We care about our users and provide them with full technical support, listening to their opinions and taking their suggestions for game improvement.

Our Plans

We want to continue to please our users with new and interesting game ideas, updates to currently available games, correction of defects, and realizing the wishes of the users. We sincerely hope that you will express your opinions of our work, helping us to become closer to you and your wishes and helping us make our games even more interesting.

Contact Information

You can also send questions via email viewizard@viewizard.com. Please include a correct e-mail address to receive answers to your questions.

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