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Translators Wanted

Please help us make AstroMenace more friendly and clear for all gamers.
AstroMenace localization now supported by Crowdin https://crowdin.com/project/astromenace.
Don't hesitate to create issue, if you have questions or you need help.

Work In Progress

Yes, AstroMenace was first released in 2007, but work still in progress. For open source game, no need to change game's title in order to evolve.
The main goal now is code refactoring for modern OpenGL features and new C++ standards (C++11, STL). Plus, I still provide code support, that means changes for new libs versions and new compilers versions.
Unfortunately, I could not provide you with any new version's release dates, since this is extremely depends from my free time and limited resources. Check project's plans for more info about current progress.
We also have a surprise for you, here is the artwork 1 of 12 light ships and 1 of 8 capital ships we already have, with best wishes from Oleg Linkov (3D models author). Since this is ours 3D models, we will release sources under GPLv3 in astromenace-artwork repository as soon, as AstroMenace will use them. I hope, some day we will replace all 3D models licensed under CC-BY-SA (without sources) to open source 3D models.




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