Minor Update: AstroMenace Open Source version 1.3.2 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux OSes released.

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AstroMenace version 1.3.2 build 130712 released.



A real fun game. Quite stable in my compaq nc6220 and no complaints at all with graphics speed. A good game, highly recommended.

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AstroMenace for Mac OS X

AstroMenace for Mac OS X [More Info]


Version 1.3.2 for Mac OS X 10.6+ (x86, x86-64)


Get up to date AstroMenace on your computer (Mac OS X 10.5+):

  • Download and install "Command Line Tools for Xcode" or "Xcode".
    Install HomeBrew package manager:
    Install all necessary packages with development headers:

    $ brew install cmake sdl subversion libogg libvorbis freealut freetype
  • Checkout svn with latest source files

    $ cd ~/
    $ svn checkout AstroMenace
  • Compile game binary

    $ cd ~/AstroMenace
    $ cmake ./
    $ make
  • Create game VFS data file

    $ ./AstroMenace --pack --rawdata=./RAW_VFS_DATA
  • Start AstroMenace

    $ ~/AstroMenace/AstroMenace
AstroMenace mirror on Google Drive:

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